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Friday, November 4, 2011

St Mary’s Parochial School October 2011-

We celebrated the harvest festival in old St. Mary’s church, Clonmel on the 30th of September. So on Monday we went down to the church with Ms. Kennington and brought our baskets down to MarionCourt and gave them our fruit and veg. They have asked us to thank all the parents for their generosity and thank you everyone for taking part in the harvest and for the donation. The junior classroom did half self portraits. They cut a photo of themselves in half and then completed the missing half themselves We did art also with Mrs. Kennington. We found faces in magazines, folded them in half and drew the other half as good as we could. We had a great day. Ms. Wallace had decided that we would do “Gaeilgeoir na seachtaine. Whoever spoke the most Irish in the week would get a certificate. Ms. Wallace had ordered books from the Setanta book club and they have arrived. One of the series is Captain Underpants and the other Percy Jackson. Sigrid our German teacher came in and kindly taught us 10 words in German. She also came in this Wednesday and taught us more German Jamie brought in some yummy buns for both junior and senior classrooms for his birthday which was on Sunday. They were chocolate with marshmallow and smartie topping! The vice principal of the Presentation Secondary school came in to talk to the sixth class girls about the school!! The Parent Representatives on the Board of Management for the next four years are Susan Luke and Harry Everard. Congratulations!! Thank you to all of the parents who sent in their nominations for the election. We would like to thank Philip Quigley, Daphne Bain and Vivienne Levie who were on the Board of Management for the past Four years!! The cross country was held in Marlfield on Wednesday. 3rd and 4th class ran 600m. 5th and 6th class ran 800m. We were tired but were relieved that it was over! The 5th and 6th class girls came second in the race. We would like to thank Vivienne for the cross country training and for the lovely rice crispy buns afterwards and Geraldine Boyd for the flapjack she made for us!!