What follows here is parish national school news:

Sunday, January 9, 2011

St. Mary’s Parochial School (Model School) –

The big news is about our school play and our part in the Carol Service.

The Christmas Play
The play was about how “Silent Night” was written.
There was lots of lovely music which we learne in school.
Lauren, who is doing work experience was the choreographer and the Rector helped with the scenery painting.
Everybody in school painted some part of the scenery.
The play took place in the GAA Hall, Western Road on 9th December.
Santa Claus came with presents for everybody – there was no sign of the reindeer!

The Carol Service
We made Christingles in school as part of our preparation for the Carol Service in Old St Mary’s.
We practised our readings in the church on the Friday before.

Old Mobile Phones
If you have any unwanted phones please send them into our school as we are still collecting them for the Jack and Jill Foundation – there’s a box in Old St Mary’s