What follows here is parish national school news:

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Schools’ Festival Service –

The Service for this year in Cashel, Waterford & Lismore area of our diocese will take place in the Cathedral in Cashel on Friday, 10th June @ 11.00am

February News

We had Miss O’Connell one day because Ms Wallace was on administration.

We also had Vivienne who taught us more about basketball in P.E. and we all had a good time.

Maggie came back during the month for more recorder lessons.

John Cummins is coming back also to teach us hurling or Gaelic football so we are very excited.

Marine came for our first French lesson in 2011 and we did revision of what we learned before Christmas.

IN Irish we made Ratatouille with gáirleog (garlic), ubhthoradh (auburgine), prátaí milis (sweet potato), seilire (celery), cuirséad (courgette), oinniúin (onion) agus trátaí (tomato). It was very tasty.

The Junior pupils have been learning all about Spain in their Geography lessons.

Nancy Farrell came for more Drama lessons.

The gerbils are back in the Junior classroom with their new cage and super toys. It has a tunnel that goes out of the cage and back in so the gerbils will have great fun playing this year!

Aimee, Luke, Sarah & Joan walked to the “Texaco” petrol station, as part of their maths lesson on length. In total they walked 2 kilometres. They measured the kilometres with the trundle wheel.

We did gymnastics with Ms.O’Connell It was really fun

We had three birthday’s Stuart who was 7, Sofia Rose who was 9 and Callum was 5. So we all wish them a very happy birthday

In the senior classroom 3rd class have been learning about the solar system and 4th, 5th and 6th have been learning all the rivers and bays in Ireland we are all enjoying it very much.

The junior classroom have been learning about road safety and how important it is to be seen when walking in the dark. They also learned how you must wear a helmet when cycling and a seat-belt when in the car.

by Meghan, Ellen & David