What follows here is parish national school news:

Monday, March 14, 2011

March News-St. Mary’s Parochial School (Model School) –

We are learning about Saints and Martyrs with Cannon Fryday. She talked about Martin Luther King and other Martyrs like Stephen. We also talked about Westminster Abbey in London and the statues of the Saints and Martyrs inside the niches

The senior classroom has been doing tests in English and Maths. The 5th and 6th had an extra Maths problems test. We all hope we got good results

The 3rd and 4th have been learning about “The Book of Kells”. They learnt about Monks and drew the round tower and coloured it in.

The 5th and 6th have been learning about Pompeii and how it was covered in ash by Mount Vesuvius. We also wrote a newspaper article in our copy/ pretending to be a witness of the event as part of our History

Marina came in and taught the senior classroom more about French. We played a game to help our French improve.

The whole school got some Passports. We all wrote our name and addresses inside them. Inside the Passports were stickers of flags which we stuck into their correct places. It also told us about all the European countries and a crossword at the end.

We had P.E. with Mrs Levie - we played basketball and had a match we all enjoyed it.

We had gymnastics with Mrs Kennington and we learned more. It was really fun.

Quite a few children in the junior classroom have been very sick with a winter cold. We hope to see them back to school fit and healthy soon.

John Cummins came in and played hurling with us. We learned lots of new skills and we really enjoyed it.

We had the parent teacher meetings and we all hope we got good results.

Stephanie, a transition year student from Villiers School in Limerick came in on work experience. Ingrid Duncan, a past pupil of our school, came on work experience. Ingrid did some science with us. We learned how much air our lungs can hold. We all really enjoyed having them both.

We did Art with Stephanie. We drew abstract faces and paradise!

In French class with Marine we learned the days of the week and the months of the year in French.

The new planters are made for the Junior classroom and they are wonderful. We are looking forward to planting some vegetables in them in March. The children in the junior classroom enjoyed having Ingrid and Stephanie too.

We had a lot of green flag meetings and we were talking about ways to save energy in the school. We will be doing lots of work in the next few weeks.

We would like to thank the Ruttle Family for donating some books to the school.

Prepared by David, Meghan and Ellen.