What follows here is parish national school news:

Friday, November 4, 2011

St Mary’s Parochial School October 2011-

We celebrated the harvest festival in old St. Mary’s church, Clonmel on the 30th of September. So on Monday we went down to the church with Ms. Kennington and brought our baskets down to MarionCourt and gave them our fruit and veg. They have asked us to thank all the parents for their generosity and thank you everyone for taking part in the harvest and for the donation. The junior classroom did half self portraits. They cut a photo of themselves in half and then completed the missing half themselves We did art also with Mrs. Kennington. We found faces in magazines, folded them in half and drew the other half as good as we could. We had a great day. Ms. Wallace had decided that we would do “Gaeilgeoir na seachtaine. Whoever spoke the most Irish in the week would get a certificate. Ms. Wallace had ordered books from the Setanta book club and they have arrived. One of the series is Captain Underpants and the other Percy Jackson. Sigrid our German teacher came in and kindly taught us 10 words in German. She also came in this Wednesday and taught us more German Jamie brought in some yummy buns for both junior and senior classrooms for his birthday which was on Sunday. They were chocolate with marshmallow and smartie topping! The vice principal of the Presentation Secondary school came in to talk to the sixth class girls about the school!! The Parent Representatives on the Board of Management for the next four years are Susan Luke and Harry Everard. Congratulations!! Thank you to all of the parents who sent in their nominations for the election. We would like to thank Philip Quigley, Daphne Bain and Vivienne Levie who were on the Board of Management for the past Four years!! The cross country was held in Marlfield on Wednesday. 3rd and 4th class ran 600m. 5th and 6th class ran 800m. We were tired but were relieved that it was over! The 5th and 6th class girls came second in the race. We would like to thank Vivienne for the cross country training and for the lovely rice crispy buns afterwards and Geraldine Boyd for the flapjack she made for us!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

St Mary’s Parochial School - September 2011 We are delighted to welcome our new junior infants – Alice Everard, Isabelle Ryan, Ayesha Millat and Rafael Hossain. They are settling into our school very well. Hard luck to Tipperary hurlers who were defeated in the ALL Ireland senior hurling final they will be back next year so watch out Kilkenny. We did P.E on Thursday with Vivienne and we all really enjoyed it! Canon Fryday came in and taught us about what the Jews would have eaten, they ate – Olive oil, olives, bread, wine, figs, grapes , raisin , wheat , barley , honey and fish .

Friday, July 15, 2011

St. Mary’s Parochial School (Model School) –

Hello and welcome to another school newsletter.

A fireman called Francis came into our school and told our school more about fire safety. We got a fire safety pack to bring home.

We had missed having clay for some weeks but we managed to paint our boats, they all look very beautiful. We then made advanced pots and made pots, rockets and other works of art.

Lauren Quigley came in and did some science with us; mirror writing, chromatography and some sound experiments with two tin cans and string joining them together. When one person spoke into the other can the other person could hear them with the other can, showing that sound travels better through a solid material than the air.

We did a drama about Paul and Silas when they went to Philippi in Greece a Roman town. They got put into jail for healing and telling a slave girl about God. There was an earthquake and the prison doors and chains broke but Paul and Silas didn’t leave. In the end the jailer and his family were baptised by Paul and Silas and they left Philippi.

All of Ellen Liu’s hard work this year has paid off because she got a scholarship for Kilkenny College, congratulations!

We have good news!! Zack, Stuart and Ellie’s older sister gave birth to a baby girl today.

Newsletter prepared by Jonathan, David & Ellen,.

The “End of year” ceremony took place on 17th June. Our 2nd Green Flag was raised and the usual speeches & demonstrations were presented. Thank-you, Rev Arthur, for standing in for me!
The Rector

Saturday, May 14, 2011

St. Mary’s Parochial School (Model School) –

Hello and welcome to another school newsletter.

We did lots of different sports. John Cummins came in and we learned more skills and played more matches. John also gave us some bibs so we looked like a team. Thank you John for the bibs.

We went to a camogie blitz in Clerihan. We played three matches we lost two and won one match and we had great fun. Lydia brought buns and they were very nice so thank you Lydia.

Dave and Declan came in and we played a match. We are sorry that this is their last week. We all really enjoyed the six weeks of playing. Thank You.

We had an Easter Egg Hunt and we all got crème eggs!!!!! We finished at half 12 on Friday BEFORE Palm Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We all enjoyed making Bible posters on the theme of Easter. The junior classroom had Mrs. Everard in to do an hour of Bunny Hop with them. They had great fun singing and playing instruments.

We have been learning all about the events around the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. The junior classroom made wooden crosses to remind us that Jesus did not stay dead after he took the punishment for our sins but is now alive.

Newsletter Prepared by: Meghan, Ellen & David

Sunday, April 3, 2011

March @ St. Mary’s Parochial School (Model School) –

Hello everybody and welcome! We are had our assessment for our second Green Flag for Energy on Wednesday 16th of March and we passed!!!
We made posters with Energy mottos and have found that since we moved to Airtricity for our electricity we have saved nearly €2,000.
For the assessment in the senior classroom we are in groups as we will be answering different set questions about our heating system, draughts, and water usage and saving energy in our school.

Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth classes went to Golden to play in a hurling tournament organised by John Cummins (our GAA coach that comes in every second Monday). There were teams from Golden and Newtown Anner schools.
Everybody played and we enjoyed it and John said ‘everyone’s a winner’ so we got a lovely plaque to take home.

David Lenane and Declan from the FAI came on the same day and started soccer coaching for six weeks.

Canon Fryday was teaching us about Lent this week. She brought in a purple stole that she wears during Lent and for funerals. We talked about the troubles in Libya and how people are giving up sweets and chocolate for Lent. On Pancake Tuesday we learned how to make pancakes in Irish class ‘as gaeilge’ and then Joan made Pancakes for all of us. They were delicious!!!!!!!!

In French class, we revised the numbers and are enjoying the games on the projector screen which makes learning more fun.

In the Junior classroom we have great news! Ewan has a new baby brother and his name is Reece. Congratulations to you all.

Also the junior classroom have planted carrot and lettuce seeds in biodegradable pots and they are sprouting nicely.

Ellen is did her scholarship exams in Kilkenny College this Thursday and we wish her well in them.

David is busy preparing for his confirmation and the Ceremony of Light was on on Wednesday night.

Maggie Davis taught us how to play ‘Amhrán na bhFiann’ for Seachtain na Gaeilge and Ms. Wallace is teaching us the words of our national anthem.

Unfortunately Mrs. Brennan’s mother, Sara died. We are very sorry to hear it. We send our sympathy to her.

Marine came in and we learned lots more and played games in French.

Michael Murphy from Clonmel Allotment Society came on Thursday and showed us how to plant lettuce, spring onions, beetroot and carrots in our new planters.

Newsletter prepared by: Meghan, Ellen & David

Monday, March 14, 2011

March News-St. Mary’s Parochial School (Model School) –

We are learning about Saints and Martyrs with Cannon Fryday. She talked about Martin Luther King and other Martyrs like Stephen. We also talked about Westminster Abbey in London and the statues of the Saints and Martyrs inside the niches

The senior classroom has been doing tests in English and Maths. The 5th and 6th had an extra Maths problems test. We all hope we got good results

The 3rd and 4th have been learning about “The Book of Kells”. They learnt about Monks and drew the round tower and coloured it in.

The 5th and 6th have been learning about Pompeii and how it was covered in ash by Mount Vesuvius. We also wrote a newspaper article in our copy/ pretending to be a witness of the event as part of our History

Marina came in and taught the senior classroom more about French. We played a game to help our French improve.

The whole school got some Passports. We all wrote our name and addresses inside them. Inside the Passports were stickers of flags which we stuck into their correct places. It also told us about all the European countries and a crossword at the end.

We had P.E. with Mrs Levie - we played basketball and had a match we all enjoyed it.

We had gymnastics with Mrs Kennington and we learned more. It was really fun.

Quite a few children in the junior classroom have been very sick with a winter cold. We hope to see them back to school fit and healthy soon.

John Cummins came in and played hurling with us. We learned lots of new skills and we really enjoyed it.

We had the parent teacher meetings and we all hope we got good results.

Stephanie, a transition year student from Villiers School in Limerick came in on work experience. Ingrid Duncan, a past pupil of our school, came on work experience. Ingrid did some science with us. We learned how much air our lungs can hold. We all really enjoyed having them both.

We did Art with Stephanie. We drew abstract faces and paradise!

In French class with Marine we learned the days of the week and the months of the year in French.

The new planters are made for the Junior classroom and they are wonderful. We are looking forward to planting some vegetables in them in March. The children in the junior classroom enjoyed having Ingrid and Stephanie too.

We had a lot of green flag meetings and we were talking about ways to save energy in the school. We will be doing lots of work in the next few weeks.

We would like to thank the Ruttle Family for donating some books to the school.

Prepared by David, Meghan and Ellen.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Schools’ Festival Service –

The Service for this year in Cashel, Waterford & Lismore area of our diocese will take place in the Cathedral in Cashel on Friday, 10th June @ 11.00am

February News

We had Miss O’Connell one day because Ms Wallace was on administration.

We also had Vivienne who taught us more about basketball in P.E. and we all had a good time.

Maggie came back during the month for more recorder lessons.

John Cummins is coming back also to teach us hurling or Gaelic football so we are very excited.

Marine came for our first French lesson in 2011 and we did revision of what we learned before Christmas.

IN Irish we made Ratatouille with gáirleog (garlic), ubhthoradh (auburgine), prátaí milis (sweet potato), seilire (celery), cuirséad (courgette), oinniúin (onion) agus trátaí (tomato). It was very tasty.

The Junior pupils have been learning all about Spain in their Geography lessons.

Nancy Farrell came for more Drama lessons.

The gerbils are back in the Junior classroom with their new cage and super toys. It has a tunnel that goes out of the cage and back in so the gerbils will have great fun playing this year!

Aimee, Luke, Sarah & Joan walked to the “Texaco” petrol station, as part of their maths lesson on length. In total they walked 2 kilometres. They measured the kilometres with the trundle wheel.

We did gymnastics with Ms.O’Connell It was really fun

We had three birthday’s Stuart who was 7, Sofia Rose who was 9 and Callum was 5. So we all wish them a very happy birthday

In the senior classroom 3rd class have been learning about the solar system and 4th, 5th and 6th have been learning all the rivers and bays in Ireland we are all enjoying it very much.

The junior classroom have been learning about road safety and how important it is to be seen when walking in the dark. They also learned how you must wear a helmet when cycling and a seat-belt when in the car.

by Meghan, Ellen & David

Sunday, January 9, 2011

St. Mary’s Parochial School (Model School) –

The big news is about our school play and our part in the Carol Service.

The Christmas Play
The play was about how “Silent Night” was written.
There was lots of lovely music which we learne in school.
Lauren, who is doing work experience was the choreographer and the Rector helped with the scenery painting.
Everybody in school painted some part of the scenery.
The play took place in the GAA Hall, Western Road on 9th December.
Santa Claus came with presents for everybody – there was no sign of the reindeer!

The Carol Service
We made Christingles in school as part of our preparation for the Carol Service in Old St Mary’s.
We practised our readings in the church on the Friday before.

Old Mobile Phones
If you have any unwanted phones please send them into our school as we are still collecting them for the Jack and Jill Foundation – there’s a box in Old St Mary’s