What follows here is parish national school news:

Friday, July 15, 2011

St. Mary’s Parochial School (Model School) –

Hello and welcome to another school newsletter.

A fireman called Francis came into our school and told our school more about fire safety. We got a fire safety pack to bring home.

We had missed having clay for some weeks but we managed to paint our boats, they all look very beautiful. We then made advanced pots and made pots, rockets and other works of art.

Lauren Quigley came in and did some science with us; mirror writing, chromatography and some sound experiments with two tin cans and string joining them together. When one person spoke into the other can the other person could hear them with the other can, showing that sound travels better through a solid material than the air.

We did a drama about Paul and Silas when they went to Philippi in Greece a Roman town. They got put into jail for healing and telling a slave girl about God. There was an earthquake and the prison doors and chains broke but Paul and Silas didn’t leave. In the end the jailer and his family were baptised by Paul and Silas and they left Philippi.

All of Ellen Liu’s hard work this year has paid off because she got a scholarship for Kilkenny College, congratulations!

We have good news!! Zack, Stuart and Ellie’s older sister gave birth to a baby girl today.

Newsletter prepared by Jonathan, David & Ellen,.

The “End of year” ceremony took place on 17th June. Our 2nd Green Flag was raised and the usual speeches & demonstrations were presented. Thank-you, Rev Arthur, for standing in for me!
The Rector